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The new daughter club has now started in the city Bournemouth on the south coast of England. The training is held at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractics by Sensei Peter Miller (3rd Dan) and Sempai Christian Haagensen (2nd Dan). Christian has been training in Sakura Karate Klubb for the past 10 years.

There were 12 participants with more to come on the first training which was held at the 22nd of September at 8-9pm. The students seemed eager to learn. Soon everyone were bowing and learning the basics of oi suki, senkuso dachi and basic self-defence. Sensei Miller was the main instructor and explained not only in karate terms, but also from a chiropractic perspective. He is a senior lecturer at the college and has been training karate since the 80s.
Sakura England 2014

It was a really good experience and we have a good feeling about this new group. Hopefully some of the students will join the training camp in Sopot next year.

Sakura England 2014 group


Written by: Christian Haagensen